30SA Pump

The Flow 30SA high pressure pump is the perfect workhorse for Mach 100 and 200 waterjet systems.

Powered by a Seimens 30HP IE2 high efficiency electric motor, this pump will deliver a continuous output of 60,000psi of water at 2.3 litres per minute.

30SA Pump

The Flow 30SA intensifier pump comes standard with dual pressure function for cutting of brittle products including glass, fiberglass and composite materials.

Standard with the famous Flow intensifier, the 30SA pump has a simplified electronic shift and modern ceramic piston plungers. 


Technical Specifications: 

Operating Pressure                     4150 Bar (60,000 psi) 
Maximum Pressure                     4480 Bar (65,000psi)
Flow Rate                                        2.3 Litres / minute 
Max Orifice Size                           0.25 mm (0.010”)
Horsepower                                  30 HP
Hydraulic Reserve Capacity   170 Litres
Attenuator Volume                     2.02 Litre


How the Intensifier Pump Works

The linear intensifier pump is the original (and most common) technology used in waterjet cutting. Intensifier pumps use the “intensification principle” to pressurize water.
Flow Intensifier 
The “intensification principle” (or ratio), uses the difference in biscuit / plunger area to intensify, or increase the pressure. Hydraulic oil is pressurized and the low pressure oil pushes against a biscuit, which has a face area 20 times greater than the face of the high pressure plunger that pushes against the water. Therefore, the pressure is “intensified” twenty times.
E.g., 3,000 psi of oil pressure will generate 60,000 psi of water pressure due to the 20:1 ratio of biscuit area to plunger area. 

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