Abrasive Feed Hoppers

The Performance Waterjet Bulk Loading Hopper saves valuable time and eliminates manual handling by allowing operators to decant waterjet abrasive into the abrasive feed hopper without any manual lifting.

Abrasive Feed Hoppers

Abraline V Pressure Hopper

The KMT Abraline V is a dual hopper continuous abrasive feed system which has a 400kg storage vessel integrated with the feed hopper for automatic feeding. The Abraline V precisely monitors the availability of abrasive during the entire cutting process ensuring your cutting process is never stopped due to garnet refilling.

Level sensors on the unit monitor the level of abrasive in the pressure feed hopper and when the vessel is nearing empty, the unit automatically depressurizes and refills the pressure hopper with abrasive from the garnet storage tank.

This will continuously happen until the storage vessel is also nearing empty. The system will then alert the operator with an audible alarm.

Abraline V

S-Series Loading Hoppers

As the size of your feed hopper determines how frequently you need to refill your system, we have a full range of feed hopper sizes which can be matched to suit your production requirements. The range starts from 1 cubic ft. and extends to a 20 cubic ft capacity.

The S Series abrasive feed hoppers are built for continuous high production use and incorporate important features such as the skid base (which results in a lower loading height), self sealing ‘pop-up valve’, large access hand hole, and full flow pipework.

S Series


Model Cu. Ft. Litres Garnet kg  Height Length Width
 Abraline III


 200  400  1400 700 700
PWS  1.0 1.0 30 70 810 460 370
PWS 2.0 2.0 60 140 1260 700 540
PWS 3.5 3.5 100 230 1050 630 625
PWS 6.5 6.5 185 430 1195 855 785
PWS 10.0 10.0 285 670 1500 855 785
PWS 20.0 20.0 570 1350 1725 1200 940

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