Building & Construction

Waterjet is the perfect answer for slitting, cutting and shaping a whole spectrum of building and construction materials including fibre cement sheet, composite panel, insulation, bonded sheets, acoustic panelling, thermal barriers, glass, tiles and porcelain.

Building & Construction

 With the ability to cut curves and shapes from laminated materials with no blades, dust or fumes, waterjet resolves a whole raft of problems faced by operators needing a customisable and efficient process to cut and shape large volumes of material.
Materials Commonly Cut By Waterjet: 
  • Aluminium composite panel 
  • Laminated sheet products
  • Bonded sheets 
  • Insulation & thermal insulation 
  • Acoustic panels 
  • Decorative panelling 

Fibre Cement Slitting Line by Performance Waterjet / REI

Waterjet is extremely efficient technology for slitting fibre cement and building products and boards. Performance Waterjet can supply a turnkey waterjet slitting system to suit your application.

Why Use A Flow Waterjet for Cutting Building Materials?

Waterjet technology is best answer for cutting fibre-based boards, cement and stone products due to the fact that there is no blade wear, no dust emissions and no chipping of the material. Waterjet uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive as a powerful cutting tool which cuts through the hardest material in virtually any thickness. 

Waterjet machines cut building materials with unmatched accuracy 

Flow waterjet technology enables operators to load common DXF files onto the equipment, set cut positions and required edge finish, and cut multiple parts within a tolerance or + / - 0.1mm. 

Faster cutting of construction materials

Flow waterjet cutting machines are able to cut and pierce virtually all fibre cement, board, composite panel, stone, marble, ceramic and tile products no matter how brittle the material. Waterjet also eliminates the need to sharpen saws or blades, and as this is a wet process there is no dust.
By adding a Flow waterjet to your operation, many building product manufacturers are finding that waterjet is an essential part of their day to day operations. 
Cut Decorative Facades From Any Material With Waterjet
Cut Composite Panels With Waterjet
Cut Acoustic Panels & Insulation With Waterjet

Machines For Cutting Sheet Products

Mach 100 (For square edge cutting)

The Flow Mach 100 (previously known as the Mach 2B) is a light industrial waterjet system which combines efficiency with exceptional value. The Mach 100 is the perfect platform for operations looking to integrate the versatility of waterjet cutting into their process at a cost-effective price.
With Flow expertise inside and out, the Mach 100 features the same genuine core components available on Flow’s elite waterjets. Whether your application is to cut cement sheet, porcelain panels, glass, laminated sheets or insulation, the Mach 100 is an extremely versatile workhorse for operators looking to increase efficiencies in their day to day operations.

Mach 100 Waterjet System


Mach 200 Pivot Plus (For mitre edge cutting)

Set your operation up for the next decade with the Mach 200 Pivot Plus.

The Mach 200 Pivot Plus is the ultimate “hub” engineered to deliver value, reliability, and years of dependable performance in the building and construction industry. Mach 200 Pivot Plus is purposefully crafted to be a practical and flexible fabrication solution, featuring tried and true genuine Flow technology.


Features of the Mach 200 Pivot Waterjet Machine:

  • -   Pivot Plus bevel cutting system for cutting mitres
  • -   Next generation energy efficient, high output high pressure pump delivers maximum cutting performance
  • -   Long service interval
  • -   Easy programming with Flow Xpert software
  • -   Australia-wide back-up & support

Mach 200 Pivot Plus Waterjet System



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