Glass Cutting

Reduce your cut-out processing time by 75%!

Waterjet is an excellent choice for cutting a whole spectrum of glass products due to the fact that one process can be used to quickly transition from concept to cut without tool changes.

Glass Cutting

Waterjet cutting of glass has advanced considerably over the last decade and has now become widely accepted as industry standard as glass processors prove the benefits afforded by current waterjet cutting technology.

Commonly accepted as the fastest and most cost-effective way of processing glass which requires shaping and/or internal cutouts, waterjet is used for:

  • Basic power point cutouts in glass splashbacks
  • Holes for door hardware
  • Balustrade panels
  • Stair treads
  • Shower screens & mirrors
  • Table top inlays
  • Architectural work.

Flow Waterjet Cutting Glass

Why Use Waterjet for Cutting Glass?

Reasons why waterjet technology is accepted as “the norm” in the glass industry:

  1. Waterjet is extremely fast process as compared to traditional glass cutting methods
  2. Waterjet produces exceptional edge quality – little additional treatment required
  3. Cuts precise internal cutouts not possible with other machinery
  4. Waterjet offers operators flexibility no other process can offer
  5. Effective with laminated glass
  6. Efficient & cost effective

Did you know power point positions can be cut in 12mm thick glass in less than 70 seconds when waterjet is used?

Think about the time and cost savings for your business for EVERY power-point cut out when using waterjet. It's efficient, cost-effective and means you'd be able to take on bigger projects.

Many glass processors are proving waterjet to be an essential part of their day-to-day operations. As an Australian glass processor states:

“For glass cutouts, the CNC units were just too slow...Internal cutouts were a bottleneck in our production until we installed our new waterjet.”

Recommended Machine for Glass Cutting

Flow Mach 100

The Flow Mach 100 is a light industrial waterjet system which combines efficiency with exceptional value. The Mach 100 is the ultimate platform for operations looking to benefit from the dependability of a Flow waterjet system.
With Flow expertise inside and out, the Mach 100 features the same genuine core components available on Flow’s elite waterjets. Whether your application is to cut 10 or 100 panels of glass a day, the Mach 100 is an extremely versatile workhorse for every glass processor.
If you wish to invest in equipment which will dramatically improve efficiency and productivity, then a Flow Mach 100 waterjet is the solution for you, combining consistency and versatility to cut almost any shape from any thickness glass and perform tasks beyond the capability of conventional glass processing equipment.

Mach 100 Waterjet System


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