Hyperjet Pump

The Flow Hyperjet intensifier pump is next generation of revolutionary waterjet cutting pumps, powering the world’s fastest waterjet.

The Hyperjet ultra-high pressure pump is capable of a continuous output of 87,000psi (6,000bar), and offers increased productivity, maximised workshop efficiency and greater return on investment.

Hyperjet Pump

The Hyperjet Pump will significantly increase cutting productivity by one third over industry standard 60,000psi (4,137 bar) / 50hp pumps. 

Available in 50 and 100HP versions, the Hyperjet incorporates many leading features including the patented long life seal cartridge which delivers the world’s longest service intervals, built in diagnostic intelligence and full electronic pressure control.



Key Features of the Hyperjet Pump: 

-   The integrated pump is located within the machine frame with easy access for maintenance

-   Durable pump design with full intelligent controls, monitoring and communication ability

-   Dual 50 HP pumps for redundant power and reliability with lower initial power draw on start-up

-   Additional control panel at pump for easy maintenance and diagnostics 

-   Innovative seal carrier design for maximum performance and easy maintenance 

-   Motor starter and electrical panel integrated on heavy duty pump frame 

-   Dual electrically-shifted 6480 bar (94,000 psi) rated HyperPressure intensifiers with ceramic plungers to minimize component wear 

-   Solid-state soft starter motor control

-   Maintenance-free attenuator to maintain constant output pressure 

-   Water booster and filtration system to ensure quality and constant water pressure


Pressure = Productivity

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