Hyplex Prime Pump

Representing the next generation of energy efficient, direct drive ultra-high pressure waterjet pumps, Flow's Hyplex Prime pump delivers a superior ratio of input energy to cutting output.

For operators looking for high output and optimum energy efficiency, the Hyplex Prime is an ultra efficient direct drive pump that is ideal for operators who have a focus on cutting more per day at the lowest cost.

Hyplex Prime  Pump

Suitable for use in demanding environments, the Hyplex Prime is a robust and dependable platform which delivers maximum cutting performance with the benefit of low power consumption.

The Hyplex Prime features a fixed speed pump coupled with a pressure control valve. This fixed speed design maximizes high pressure tubing and seal life.


Key Benefits of the Hyplex Prime Pump: 

  1. -   Maximum cutting performance with low power consumption
  2. -   Low noise / high output
  3. -   Easy maintenance and straightforward troubleshooting
  4. -   Next generation seal technology from Flow’s HyperPressure™ pumps—the highest pressure in the industry
  5. -   Full sensor and diagnostics package communicates directly to the operator control station
  6. -   Infinitely variable pressure control
  7. -   Digital pressure readout displayed directly to the Mach 200 machine controller
  8. -   Soft starter motor control


Technical Data


Motor Size: 30 HP / 22 kw

Operating Pressure: 55,000psi / 3800 bar

Water Volume: 3.2 litres / minute 

Sound Level Range: 84-86 dBA 


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