Industrial Chillers for Waterjets

An important part of waterjet machines is the oil cooling system for the waterjet pump. The cooling system ensures the pump does not overheat during continuous use or warm weather.

Industrial Chillers for Waterjets
  • Reduced Costs & Improved Productivity

  • Closed Circuit Operation

  • Chiller Designed for Industry

  • Lowest Operating Costs

MTA Chillers

KMT Pumps are fitted with a heat exchanger which can be cooled by a constant supply of cold water from mains supply, or water recirculated and cooled by a refrigerated chiller. The addition of our MTA refrigerated chiller gives the benefit of dramatically reducing water wastage. MTA systems reduce water usage by at least 75% whilst enabling 100% duty cycle for continuous cutting and production. 

What makes the MTA unique? 

The innovative "evaporator-in-tank" configuration allows operation even with impure liquids. Unit dimensions are reduced, and a steady water temperature is ensured as the evaporator also cools the tank itself. Ambient heat gain is reduced, increasing efficiency. Bleed and drain valves and a water level sensor are fitted; the water bypass and anti-freeze warnings ensure fail safe operation. The oversized evaporator design improves efficiency and reduces pressure drops. The tank is both insulated and removable.  


Reduced Costs and Improved Productivity:

The MTA range offers precise water temperature control, with numerous benefits: 

  • Increased productivity & reduced production cycle times
  • Reduced production costs, as well as less wastage
  • Reduced maintenance times and fewer interruptions during production

Closed Circuit Operation: 

MTA operates in a closed circuit, offering the following advantages: 

  • Extremely precise water temperature control, independent of ambient conditions
  • Quick reaction to any sudden load changes, ensuring steady operating conditions
  • The same water is continuously recycled, thereby avoiding both unwanted wastage of this resource and the health hazards of water-born bacteria

A Chiller designed for Industry: 

Unlike typical chillers, the MTA series have been designed specifically for industry. Fruit of over 20 years in the industrial chilling market, with hundreds of thousands of refrigerating machines installed worldwide, MTA perfectly matches the needs of a diverse range of industries. This is thanks to: 

  • Generous operating limits, both as regards the water inlet and outlet temperature
  • A robust construction with high ambient temperature limits, allowing operation in all conditions worldwide
  • A fully packaged and easy-to-use solution, with integrated pump and tank, perfectly suited to the needs of the industrial user

Lowest Operating Costs: 

 Thanks especially to energy efficient scroll compressors, the oversized evaporator and the unique evaporator-in-tank configuration, MTA achieves leading energy efficiency levels. This is complimented by low maintenance needs, ensuring MTA is a highly economical long-term proposition. 


Typical Chiller Installation

typical chiller installation img

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