Jetline High Pressure Pump

KMT Jetline I-50 Pump - 55,000psi high performance pump for continuous operation

Jetline High Pressure Pump

The KMT Jetline I-50 pump is based around the state-of-the-art Streamline V intensifier which incorporates KMT’s unique “slow stroke” intensifier technology. This innovation lowers the stroke rate to 56 strokes per minute, and increases the service interval by over 20%. The net result is reflected in the lower running cost per hour and smoother pressure delivery.

Servicing can typically be completed in less than half of the time when compared with other pumps due to the use of fast pump breakdown, smart-tools, and smart-seal technology.

KMT Jetline Pump Comparison


Key Benefits of the Jetline I-50 Intensifier Pump

The thing that sets the Jetline apart from other 55,000 pumps is the superior engineering of the intensifier. 

  •  55,000 psi is delivered by one intensifier, thus delivering low maintenance costs and quieter operation
  • Touch screen controller provides operators an instant snapshot of all key pump operating conditions, in addition to tracking HP seal life and key operating parameters
  • Sensors ensure continual and adequate flow of water to protect your system
  • Switches between high pressure cutting and low pressure piercing for brittle materials 


Nominal Power Rate 30hp (22kW) 50hp (37 kW)
Max Continuous Pressure 55,000 PSI
Max Water Flow Rate 2.3 lpm 3.8 lpm
Max Single Orifice Dia 0.28 mm 0.33 mm
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 114 L 170 L
Cooling Water Flow (24C Water) 5.7 lpm
Attenuator Volume 1 & 2 lt
Length 1,935 mm
Width 914 mm
Height 1,194 mm
Weight 1,180 kg

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