Metal Cutting

Create parts and shapes quickly and accurately from almost any material with no distortion and an exceptional edge.

Metal Cutting

As one of the most versatile and efficient cutting processes worldwide, waterjet is a cold cutting process, which can cut parts to high tolerances with no heat and no dross. This makes waterjet ideal for cutting all metal products.

Many fabricators are proving waterjet to be an important part of their day-to-day operations. This is because waterjet is an extremely versatile process, which produces an excellent quality cut and can cut almost any thickness material.

Cut your whole spectrum of materials quickly & efficiently with ONE tool.

Flow Waterjet In Action

Why Use A Flow Waterjet for Cutting Metal?

  1. 1. Cut aluminium, stainless, copper, hardened steels, rubber, plastics, composites, ceramics, glass, insulation, foam, leather and armour plate. Waterjet offers operators flexibility no other process can offer.
  2. 2. Waterjet is an extremely accurate process - cut more product with a high tolerance from any material in less time.
  3. 3. Waterjet produces outstanding edge quality – no dross, no heat stain and little or no secondary finishing required – waterjet the ultimate process for aluminium and stainless steel fabricators.
  4. 4. Cut multi-layer materials and hardened steels in almost any thickness without distortion or heat affected zones.
  5. 5. Ability to “stack” materials and cut a number of layers in one pass.

By adding a Flow waterjet to your operation, many metal fabricators are finding that waterjet is an essential part of their day to day operations. As an Australian fabricator states:

“Every year we sit down and analyse what equipment delivers best for our requirements and we conclude every time that our waterjet is the best investment we ever made.”



Machines for Metal

Flow Mach 100 waterjet logo

The Flow Mach 100 (previously known as the Mach 2B) is a light industrial waterjet system which combines efficiency with exceptional value. The Mach 100 is the perfect platform for operations looking to integrate the versatility of waterjet cutting into their process at a cost-effective price.

Mach 100 Waterjet System


The Mach 200 is specifically engineered to deliver value, reliability, and performance. The system is purposefully crafted to be a practical and flexible waterjet solution, featuring tried and true genuine Flow technology.

Specifically designed for the engineering and fabrication industries, the Mach 200 waterjet system represents the best in high pressure waterjet technology.

Mach 200 Waterjet System



Flow's Mach 500 is a top-of-the-line waterjet system that is unrivalled in features, accuracy and cutting speed.

With 87,000psi Mach 500's astounding cut speed drives overall part processing times down and your production up. This makes it an ideal waterjet solution for improving the profitability of almost any company in the manufacturing industry.

Mach 500 is available in a range of popular sizes and is designed with many advanced options including the Dynamic Waterjet head, 5 Axis, Dual Gantry, and Multiple cutting heads to allow production to escalate to new levels. Engineered for superior longevity and speed, the Mach 500 is a perfect fit for operators who depend on waterjet as a critical dependency for continuous production.

Mach 500 Waterjet System


Flow's Mach 700 is an engineered waterjet system which is customised sized to suit each clients specific size, application and weight requirements.

Available with many advanced options including HyperJet 87,000psi, Dynamic Waterjet, 5 Axis, Dual Gantry, and multiple cutting heads, the Mach 700 allows production to escalate to new levels. Engineered for superior longevity and speed, the Mach 700 is a perfect fit for operators who depend on waterjet as a critical dependency for continuous production.

Mach 700 Waterjet System

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