Motojet Pump

The new Flow Motojet intensifier pump represents the very latest in high pressure pump technology.

With decades of experience in building the world’s best high pressure pumps, Flow’s Motojet intensifier includes advanced waterjet engineering to ultimately give waterjet operators a smoother cut, longer high pressure tubing life, quieter operation and reduced cooling water usage.

Motojet Pump

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The answer for operators who need to cut more every day at the lowest cost. 

The Motojet intensifier pump sets the industry standard for pure and abrasive waterjet cutting applications. Maufactured for the demands of high-production environments, the Motojet is built for dependability. 

Delivering reliable ultra-high pressure at full pressure for both small and around-the-clock 24/7 operations, the Motojet is constantly monitored by advanced diagnostics which provides operators with a constant stream of performance information designed on maximising production time. Maintenance can be done quickly, or we can arrange for one of our service technicians in your state to perform servicing to save you time and maximise your return on investment. 


Features & Benefits of the Motojet Pump: 

-   Fully Electronic Pressure Control: Set pressure from the machine console and quickly adjust to suit any material type

-   High Output: Real Pressure - all day, every day! Built tough to deliver a continuous output of 60,000 PSI 

-   Built In Safety (Safest for you and your team) Release the pressure from the system to 0 PSI within 1 second of pump shutdown

-   Ultra Quiet Operation: Sound Output of ≤ 80 dBA. Quiet pump with low noise output improves the work environment 

-   Waterjet Connect TM: Remotely monitor key performance data and insights and check how your pump is performing without leaving your desk. 

-   Sleek Pump Design: Gas lift cover with quick release side covers for easy maintenance 

-   Status Indicator Light: Allows operators to check the status of the pump at a glance

-   Smooth Pressure Delivery: The large 2.0L attenuator reduces pressure pulsation for a smoother cut and maximises the life of your HP tubing 


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