A New Dimension To Productivity

The Nexus Dual Line combines high definition plasma and waterjet cutting into one machine that gives a new dimension to workshop efficiency. 

Because of the Dual Line's superior engineering and features, operators now have the option of being able zone up the workpiece and select areas for high definition plasma cutting or precision edge waterjet on the same workpiece.


Features of the Dual Line: 

Hypertherm Plasma Head: The Hypertherm HPR 130A high definition plasma cutter delivers a fast, clean and highly accurate plasma system which is integrated with the Nexus waterjet to provide a highly efficient, cost effective and productive cutting centre.

Features of the HPR system include:

  • Anti-collision breakaway system
  • Touch-And-Go (TAG): automatic torch height control
  • Arc voltage torch height control
  • Diode Laser

Streamline VI pump: Designed for continuous high output operations, and particularly recommended for production line and critical demand applications. KMT Waterjet engineers optimized the motor performance of this pump and increased the volume of the high pressure water delivery, resulting in an increased maximum orifice size and higher cutting speeds.

IDE Cutting Head: Dead-on alignment of the water stream allows maximum power to be delivered to the surface, resulting in faster cutting speed with less abrasive required per linear metre of cut.

5 Axis Cutting Head (optional): A must-have for operators who require bevel cutting capability to precisely achieve angle cuts of up to 45 degrees

SigmaNEST software: An intelligent, all-in-one-solution which delivers reductions in cost per part by optimising use of raw material and reducing tool travel time. 

Feedline IV Abrasive Feeder: Delivers a perfectly consistent feed of garnet by using a small motorized feed belt and back flush detectors to protect your work piece if a back flush occurs.

Abraline III Pressure Hopper: Dual hopper continuous abrasive feed system which precisely monitors the availability of abrasive during the entire cutting process, ensuring your cutting process is never stopped due to garnet refilling

MTA Tae Evo Chiller: For pump cooling and continuous operation during high ambient temperatures. The Tae Evo features a closed water circuit which eliminates cooling water wastage, and due to the scroll compressor has minimal electricity consumption, thus achieving a market-leading energy efficiency level.


Nexus Bevel Waterjet Cutting 20mm Dekton & High Definition Plasma cutting mild steel

Advanced system. Advanced features. Superior engineering. 



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