Latest Installation: Gosford Marble & Granite Design


Gosford Marble & Granite supply, cut and install stone benchtops, countertops and tables. 

Daniel Lazzaroni, one of the owners of Gosford Marble, says before they purchased a waterjet, they had been giving away a lot of their work as it was not feasible for them to cut new generation stones (such as Dekton and Neolith) with their existing bridge saws. This was due to the fact that these products are extremely brittle, and a lot of their stone slabs would chip or break as they were cut. 

With a focus on quality and value, Gosford Marble needed a solution that would allow them to cut consistently with an excellent edge finish, as well as eliminating breakages and chipping. 

Daniel says they realised waterjet would make their cutting process a lot faster and easier, as well as being able to do bevel cutting, undermounts, sinks, tap holes and vertical cuts all in one operation "without the breakages and the stress of putting pressure on these types of materials."

Nexus Waterline at Gosford Marble

Gosford Marble 5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Head & Controller

Gosford Marble 5 Axis Stone Water jet cutter

"We wanted to do bevel cuts, we wanted to do vertical cuts, we wanted to do circles, rectangles – pretty much any shape, and do it all on these brittle, hard materials. 

Performance Waterjet "explained to us that the machine we were after was the Nexus waterjet, and to their credit, it has outperformed. The cut is sensational. It’s quick, it’s no pressure on the stones, we don’t get any breakages, and what we’ve found is since we’ve put it in, the work that it’s actually brought to us. People have found out, and we are now doing other materials – not just stone. It’s opened up a lot more doors for us... It’s getting to the point that now, after a couple of weeks, we’re looking at putting on more staff so we can accommodate the extra workloads." 

Glass Powerpoint Cutouts

User-friendliness of the software program was also a high priority for Daniel who explained: "The machine itself - it's easy to operate.

"If I’ve got a problem, I ring the boys from Performance Waterjet, they can either talk to me over the phone, or get on the Internet, login, and actually see what I’m doing, help me out that way."

"Within the first week, the team from Performance Waterjet were already showing us how and what the machine could do, and just in that short amount of time, I picked it up, and we managed to do exactly what we wanted. 

"I had three days of training [in the use of SigmaTek software], and since then, I’m already doing my own programs, and running my own parts on the machine, and even some complicated stuff...

"The trainings been absolutely fantastic. If I do get stuck, I make a phone call, and they jump on the computer, they can see what I’m doing, they can help me out, and they know the system inside out. 

"I highly recommend the Performance Waterjet Nexus, it’s done a fantastic job for us! For our experience [with] Performance Waterjet, we’ve been very, very happy."



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