Latest Installation: SureWeld Victoria

Congratulations to the team at SureWeld on completion of training for the use of their new 4m x 2m waterjet cutting machine!

SureWeld are a leading supplier of aluminium loading ramps and aluminium plant trailers for mini earth movers and excavators. With a focus on innovative design and superior build quality, Sureweld purchased the Nexus to improve operating efficiencies in their factory at Wangaratta (VIC).


Manufacturing a range of aluminium products for the transport and construction industries, SureWeld's investment in a Nexus Waterjet meant that they could increase product versatility at the same time as increasing the automation in their production line. 

Ruben, SureWeld's waterjet operator, says: 

"One of the main sections we cut here at Sureweld is the C section channels. We decided to go with the Nexus waterjet machine, because of its ability to change and vary speeds throughout the cutting of each section. 

As well as this capability, the Nexus waterjet machine is built to a strong and robust standard, which, as well as being able to vary our speeds throughout our cuts, it also suits our production environment." 

Carl of SureWeld says, "From our initial enquiry of a waterjet machine, to the actual cutting trials and proofs that the machine will be suitable for our production demands, PWJ have proved to be an experienced waterjet cutting specialist."

The new Nexus Waterline, installed at SureWeld Wangaratta

SureWeld: New Nexus Waterline

SureWeld New NEXUS

Nexus Controller: SureWeld

"Performance Waterjet have been very supportive from the outset. From the quoting, the trial cutting, the installation of the machine and the training of our staff. They’ve shown an exceptional level of customer service and support to us.

"We have had the Nexus waterjet machine now for 12 months, and it has proven to be a worthwhile investment for us. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Performance Waterjet to anyone who’s in the market."


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