Mach 100 Waterjet Installation - December 2021

Date of Installation:†December 2021

Machine Model:Flow Mach 100 with 4m x 2m Cutting Area,†Hyplex 30†Direct Drive Pump and ASR Sludge Removal System†

Machine Location:†Sydney, NSW

Application:†Colourbond & Stainless Steel Componends for Roofing¬†

PWJ Flow Mach 100 Waterjet installed for cutting of colourbond and stainless steel components for roofing

Reason for purchase:†This client supplies materials for commercial roofing projects in Sydney CBD.†Before purchase of their waterjet they were subcontracting a good deal of work for laser cutting. Apart from bringing the work inhouse, one of the key things the client wanted to achieve was the ability to cut colourbond sheeting without burning the edges (something they couldn't get with laser cut materials). An additional benefit of the waterjet is the ability to cut up to 10 layers of colourbond or thin stainless simultaneously which reduces time spent loading and unloading the waterjet table.

Outcome:†The client now has the Flow Mach 100 with garnet removal system installed and is very happy with the installation.

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