Mach 100 Waterjet Installation - February 2022

Date of Installation: February 2022

Machine Model: Flow Mach 100 with 1.3m x 1.3m Cutting Area, ASR Sludge Removal System & 30SA Intensifier Pump

Machine Location: Perth, WA 

Application: Material testing: Cutting Charpy V-notched and Tensile samples from specialised alloys.

Flow Mach 100 Waterjet installed for metal fabrication Perth, WA


Reason for purchase: This customer produces special alloys and as part of ongoing QA requirements, the client is required to cut Charpy and Tensile samples from 100mm thick blocks of material. For many years this process was performed by cutting these blocks using bandsaws, however this process was very time consuming and requires a number of cuts to produce the size of workpiece for the samples.

Outcome: The new waterjet has  a water level adjustment and garnet waste removal system, and a 1300mm x 1300mm working area. What was a bottleneck in the QA process has now been removed client is very happy with the result.



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