Mach 500 Dynamic Waterjet Installation - November 2021

Date of Installation: November 2021

Machine Model: Flow Mach 500 Dynamic Waterjet with 4m x 2m cutting area and Hyperjet 87,000 PSI Pump

Machine Location: Perth, WA 

Application: Contract Cutting

PWJ Flow Mach 500 Dynamic Waterjet for Contract Cutting


Reason for purchase: This client is in the contract cutting business and specialises in waterjet cutting wear plate for the mining industry. With growing demand and the need to look to the future, the client decided to investigate how a Flow Mach 500 with Hyperjet 100 HP pump could improve job turnaround times. They were very impressed to learn that this machine could cut some jobs in 40% less time than their existing equipment.


Outcome: The client purchased a used Mach 500 Hyperjet which has been installed by Performance Waterjet and is now able to cut plates faster than any of competitor in Perth. The ability to waterjet cut wear plates with much shorter turnaround times will provide this contractor with an undisputed advantage!



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