[Video] Case Study: Stone Effects, QLD

Stone Effects specialise in custom kitchen benchtops and renovations, and stone surfaces for bathrooms on QLD's Sunshine Coast.

With a focus on providing the highest quality stone benchtops with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Stone Effects are proving the benefits of their Silverline Waterjet Cutter, which allows them to: 

  1. Cut materials that would usually be burned, melted or cracked by other cutting processes
  2. Cut complex shapes, corners, bevels and pierce holes accurately
  3. Provide their customers with accurate costings at an extremely competitive price. 


Matthew Lerm, the operator at Stone Effects, uses the Silverline machine to cut and program cutouts in benchtops for sink and hotplates. Although they are mainly cutting benchtops from Caesarstone, reconstituted stone and natural stones, the Silverline waterjet has allowed them to cut other materials such porcelain, metals and plastic, without changing the cutting tool. 

"Before we had the machine, we had to do everything on a CNC and it was very slow, whereas this machine speeds up production so much faster, and we can do a lot more cutting for our installers..." 

Now more than 3 years old, the Silverline waterjet is continually proving its worth. 

"We bought the machine about 3 years ago, and we purchased it to improve production and speed up what happens in the workshop, and it has done that, it’s been fantastic." Matthew says. 

"It’s increased the amount of volume of work that we can do... It’s just been an invaluable tool in that regard, that it’s sped everything up.

Silverline Waterjet Cutter at Stone Effects, QLD


Fitted with an IDE III cutting head, Stone Effects benefits from direct cost savings due to the fact that the water stream is precisely focussed. This ensures that maximum energy is delivered to the stone and results in a faster cutting speed with less garnet abrasive required per linear metre of cut.

The user-friendliness of the Silverline controller and Cutting Shop software program was also a big plus for the team. 

"What I’ve found good is the ease of operation, it’s quite a simple machine to use... very easy to train people. I’ve operated a lot of different machinery in my time, and this has been one of the easiest ones in the programming side of it, and that’s helped a lot with training other people, so they’re not depending on just one person to operate the machine."

"We haven’t had any issues with it. It’s been really good with breakdowns and stuff like that, we haven’t had any problems... the reliability’s been fantastic!"

 Stone Kitchen, Matthew Lerm


Back Up & Support

A key part of Stone Effects' commitment is delivering unmatched quality, on time, every time. Because of this, they need to be able to get spare parts quickly and back up and support when they need it. This was a key consideration when choosing a waterjet system, as Matthew explains: 

"Parts – next day delivery... which is unbelievable! Very good with the service and everything else, it’s been fantastic! 

"With programming, if I’ve had an issue where I didn’t know what to do, I’ve just rang the guys at Performance Waterjet and it’s been not a problem, they’ve sorted it out quickly or got back to me, and it’s just been great, the service is awesome... the turnaround time is unreal, we can get on top of things quickly, and get someone’s kitchen installed for them – on time, instead of being delayed because of an issue." 

With a philosophy "We don’t just talk about quality and service, we guarantee it", it was important to Stone Effects to choose a partner that shared these values. Highly commending their experience, Matthew says, "Performance Waterjet have been fantastic – the training and the service and everything else... If we’ve ever had problems, I’ve just got on the phone and then got answers straight away – it’s been great, it hasn’t been an issue at all. The service has been very, very good."



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