New Cutting Head: Wasca (VIC)

Are you confident you’re cutting as fast as you could be?

Nothing beats the IDE when it comes to maximising cutting efficiency! 

Many waterjet operators have proven the benefits of upgrading the cutting head of their waterjet machine to the H20JET Integral Diamond Eductor (IDE). Every IDE cutting head has a factory aligned diamond which is precisely focussed so that the water stream fires right down the centre of the focussing tube. Perfect alignment of the water stream ensures maximum energy is delivered to the workpiece and results in faster cutting speed with less garnet per linear metre of cut. 

Cut Like You Mean It With PWJ

Wasca, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality fasteners and components, recently improved the performance of their waterjet cutter system with the upgrade to the IDE cutting head. Located in Rowville, Victoria, Wasca have proven that waterjet is a vital capability of their business and have experienced the difference the IDE has made to their waterjet cutter.

Chris of Wasca says “We would like to express our complete satisfaction with PWJ, especially with your advice to update the new H20 IDE Cutting Head. Since the changeover, it has been such an improvement with cutting finish, cutting speed, minimal down time and reduced usage of garnet. We reckon it’s great!”

Wasca Rowville

Wasca Rowville (VIC) 


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