Rubber, Gaskets & Textiles

If you are in the gasket manufacturing, rubber lining, conveyor belting, automotive carpet or matting industry, a Flow waterjet is the ultimate solution for your operation.

Flow Waterjet machines cut all types of rubber including Natural, FRAS, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, and silicone. They also cut nylon, polypropylene, felt, carpet, underlay, acoustic foam and plastics quickly and cleanly with a single cutting tool.

Rubber, Gaskets & Textiles

If you have metal gaskets in your range, Flow waterjet machines can also cut brass, aluminium, graphite, copper and laminated gaskets without changing the cutting tool.

Consider the advantage of being able to cut a number of layers to any shape with pure water. No knives to sharpen and no burning smell at the highest possible cutting speed. These are the reasons why Performance Waterjet machines are so popular with gasket manufacturers, rubber liners, matting producers, auto trimmers and conveyor manufacturers.


Reach Your Objective in the Smallest Number of Steps

Process for Waterjet Cutting of Rubber & Gaskets


How Much Time Are Your People Spending Hand Cutting or Punching Out Shapes? 

Waterjet cuts rubber, fabric, foam, felt and textiles at high speeds. 

  1. Unbeatable cutting speeds = substantial cost savings 
  2. No knives to sharpen 
  3. One tool for all materials 
  4. Eliminate risk of knife injuries 
  5. Odour-free cutting process


Examples of Waterjet Cutting Quality 

Examples of Waterjet Cut Quality for Rubber & Gaskets

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