Focussing Tubes

Performance Waterjet has a full range of Standard and Premium abrasive nozzles to suit most makes of waterjet including Flow, Omax, Techni, Lisec and Chinese waterjet machines.

Standard: Silverline is our standard range of nozzles which are manufactured from a fine mesh sintered carbide.
Wear life indicator: 50-60 Hours

Premium: Roctec 100 is our premium abrasive nozzle range. Manufactured in USA, the Roctec 100 is made from a high spec powder to consistently produce long service life.The Roctec 100 would be one of the most popular nozzles in use globally.
Wear Life Indicator: 60-70 Hours

Super Premium: Roctec 500 is our super premium nozzle which is delivers the longest wear of any nozzle. Roctec 500 is manufactured from ultrafine sintered carbide and bonded at high temperature for maximum service life. Roctec 500 is the preferred nozzle for Omax & Maxiem style cutting heads
Wear Life Indicator: 80-90 hours

Note: Abrasive nozzle life is subject to a number of factors including operating pressure, abrasive type, percentage abrasive loading and acceptable cut quality.