Waterjet Cutting Software



Simply Better Programming

FlowXpert® brings you fully integrated 3D modeling and waterjet pathing software that is uncomplicated, easy, and fast.

Make your waterjet as efficient as possible with FlowXpert.

Your 3D part, fast and simple
• Import your 2D or 3D file or design your own from scratch
• Automatically clean up geometry issues
• Path your part, FlowXpert automatically creates the most efficient path
• Preview your part, the system will check for any cutting issues
• Save your ORD file and send to the machine, FlowCut does the rest
User intelligent algorithms and 40+ years of waterjet expertise, FlowXpert automatically creates the most efficient waterjet cut path, so you can make parts faster & more more efficiently. 


Puts You in Production Fast

FlowCut™ is the machine tool controller, and it is smarter and easier-to-use than any other machine control software.  FlowCut knows Waterjet: No knowledge of CNC or waterjet cutting required. 

• Open your ORD file
• Select material type and thickness from a huge list
• Turn on Dynamic Waterjet to get the best cut part
• Run the machine to cut your part
Effortless Importing
Not only can FlowCut run programs made in the FlowPath or FlowXpert CAD/CAM software packages, but can also instantly translate CNC language, such as g-code.
Waterjet Expertise
All that is required of the operator is to enter material type, thickness, and desired edge finish, and FlowCut does the rest. Flow SmartStream™ mathematical models adjust the jet to ensure the part is produced, the first time, to the desired quality level in the shortest amount of time. FlowCut algorithms and cutting models are the most advanced in the world, saving you hours of programming and setup time on every job.
Fully Integrated
FlowCut is also the machine tool controller. Start and stop the machine, the pump, set water pressure, and many other functions from the integrated operator control station. In addition, Flow machine tools are equipped with a wide array of diagnostic sensors to ensure the system is running properly. Sensor warnings and system shut downs are clearly described and displayed on the diagnostic screen.
Software Features & Requirements
• User-friendly, icon-based menu structure
• Supported Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean


Take Your Design From Art to Part

FlowPath™ is our 2d CAD and cut pathing software. With easy-to-use CAD drawing tools and many waterjet specific features, FlowPath takes the guesswork out of making high quality parts regardless of operator skill level.

No G-Code Required
• Import your 2D file or create your own design
• Examine drawing to detect any geometry errors
• Select the geometry and autopath, the system automatically creates lead in, lead outs, and traverse lines
• Many other waterjet specific features available at the touch of an icon
• Save the ORD and send the file to machine, FlowCut does the rest
Waterjet Knowledge Built In
Leverages Flow’s 40 years of waterjet application expertise. Incorporating Flow's best practices to estimate what steps are needed to create the best part. SmartStream™ cutting models assure high-quality finished parts with smart pathing powered by Flow application expertise.
Intuitive Interface
Intuitive graphical interface simplifies the creation and design of parts. Easy-to-use CAD drawing and editing tools, context-sensitive tool tips and integrated users guide in the Help section.
Optimize Your Process
Unique modifiable tool path generation with automatic lead-in and lead-out and rapid traverse lines. Part tabbing function for user to choose location, gap, and length of entry and exit points for a part tab.
Software Features & Requirements
• Windows based
• Imports industry standard DXF, DWG, IGS, CADKEY, CDL, and HPL files


Get The Most Out of Your Material

Simple, waterjet specific geometric nesting module gives you the most efficient use of your material. Geometric nesting allows parts to fit inside scrap areas of other parts.

Maximize your material with full geometric nesting
• Import your standard DXF or Flow specific ORD part files 
• Select part quantity, degree of rotation angle and priority 
• Choose sheet size, which can be a standard sheet size or a remnant 
• The system will automatically nest your parts 
• Save the nested file as an ORD and send to the machine, FlowCut does the rest
Efficiency Gains
Advanced batch processing allows input of several large nesting jobs and lets the computer develop nests on its own. FlowNest® avoids previously cut parts – users can set the tool path to minimize the danger of cutting head collision with a previously cut part that has tipped slightly upward off the worktable.
Optimize Your Process
Optimized cut paths improved method of selecting the order in which parts are cut reducing extraneous long rapid moves and cutting cycle time. Common line cutting aligns parts side by side to create a common cutting line in order to save you cutting time and improve productivity.
Software Features & Requirements
• Windows based
• Imports industry standard DXF, DWG, IGS, CADKEY, CDL, and HPL files


Designed to be one of the easiest-to-use programming solutions available

With more than 18,000 installations and over 25 years of engineering experience, SigmaNEST is a world leader in the development of CAD/CAM nesting software for waterjet cutting machines. 

Why Choose SigmaNEST? 
SigmaNEST is an intelligent all-in-one solution which delivers reductions in cost-per-part by optimising use of raw material, reducing tool travel time, and providing the flexibility to work with a whole spectrum of materials.
From initial part creation right through to tidying up fine detail on imported drawings and configuring parts layout, SigmaNEST allows users to generate the maximum number of components from any shape or size sheet.
Quickly import all common drawing files including DXF, DWG, IGES, CDL and CAD ready to cut in the shortest time.
SigmaNEST is available in three popular versions, enabling the user to tailor the capacity and capability, from basic through to professional advanced user requirements.
With technical support assistance based in Australia, the SigmaNEST team are available to provide instant remote support in our timezone.
Cutting Shop

Cutting Shop

It doesn't get easier. 

Scan and Cut: 
The program imports colour, gray and black and white images. Scans of sketches and silhouettes are quickly converted into high quality, ready to cut vector drawings.
Images converted with Cutting Shop cut smoothly and the cutting head stays down until the outline is finished, optimising the efficiency of your cutting operation. Export completed files to DXF, PLT, IGES, and other CAD and CAM specific formats.
Draw From Scratch:
Draw from Scratch allows the operator to quickly draw a new image no matter how complicated.With an array of innovative tools, drawing from scratch has never been so easy. With simple functions like stretch scale, move, copy, insert and join to functions like weld, bend, cleave, bridge, text, rotate/flip, fillet, chamfer and three point circle, no drawing is too hard. The program also has a great direction of cut tool for precise cutting.
Simple Nesting Option:
The optional nesting feature of the cutting shop program enables the operator to quickly calculate the optimum number of parts which can be cut from any size workpiece. Enter the size of the plate to be cut from, nominate the size of the gap between each part and Cutting Shop will immediately determine the number of parts that can be cut from a given size sheet.
What our clients say:
"Draftmans cutting shop would have to be more versatile, and more comprehensive than any other raster to vector conversion program. It’s autoconversion is second to none, and it’s editing tools have been specifically designed for fabricators to quickly and efficiently complete drawings....with an average conversion time of about 10 minutes."