Stone Cutting

Waterjet has proven to be the best answer for cutting and mitering ultra-hard stone materials such as Dekton and porcelain, as it increases material yield and operating efficiency, as well as reducing costs when compared to conventional equipment.

Stone Cutting

Cutting Engineered Stone with Waterjets

Waterjet cutting of stone has advanced considerably over the last few decades and today waterjet is rapidly increasing in popularity as fabricators prove the benefits afforded by this technology.

The key driver for change is being accelerated by the introduction of ultra-hard sintered ceramics which are generally too hard to cut with conventional saws. Examples of these materials would include products such as Dekton and porcelain. These new generation ceramics present many advantages for the end user, however for fabricators to cut and mitre these materials with conventional equipment... it is simply too slow and causes bottlenecks in production. 

PWJ Silverline Installation


Why Use Waterjets for Cutting Stone?

Waterjet technology has proven to be the best answer for cutting and mitering new generation materials such as Dekton and porcelain. Waterjet effectively uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water mixed with abrasive as a powerful cutting tool which cuts through the hardest material in virtually any thickness.

Waterjet machines cut stone with precision

Current waterjet technology enables fabricators to load common DXF files onto the equipment, set mitre positions and required edge finish, and cut whole slabs in a single operation. The cutting tool is a “jet” which has a fine angle of taper in the water stream, consequently many waterjet machines now incorporate “taper compensation technology” which tilts the head slightly to the waste side of the line and delivers a perfect 90 or 45 degree angle on the faces to be joined.

A waterjet machine reduces waste

When compared with using CNC spindle routers for cutting sinks and curves, waterjet significantly reduces the waste loading on water treatment equipment. This is due to the fact that waterjet only has a 1-1.5mm kerf width verses a finger tool which typically removes around 20mm of material for the entire length of the cut.

Faster cutting of most stone materials

Waterjet cutting machines are able to cut and pierce virtually all stone, marble, ceramic and tile products no matter how brittle the material. Undersink cutouts, tap holes and curves which were once cut with power tools can now be cut in a fraction of the time with waterjet, which reduces cutting time to a fraction of traditional cutting methods. Waterjet also eliminates the need to sharpen saws or blades, and as this is a wet process there is no dust. 

By adding a waterjet to the operations, many stone processors are finding that waterjet is an essential part of their day to day operations. As an Australian stone fabricator states: 

“Every year we sit down and analyse what equipment delivers best for our requirements and we conclude every time that our waterjet is the best investment we ever made.”


Set your operation up for the next decade with the Nexus waterjet cutting system.

Nexus Dual Line waterjet cutting machine

The Nexus combines European engineering excellence with the most advanced features available in waterjet technology to deliver the ultimate waterjet cutting machine. Nexus systems use proven technology to deliver the highest production rates and workshop efficiencies. For Nexus owners this means more kitchens per week with less operating hours and a lower cost per kitchen. 

Features of the Nexus Waterjet Machine: 

  • 5 axis bevel cutting system for cutting mitres
  • Single or dual table configurations
  • High Output high pressure pumps to enable fabricators to process more kitchens per day
  • Long service interval
  • Laser alignment of workpieces
  • Australia-wide back-up & support

SigmaNEST Software

SigmaNEST is an intelligent all-in-one solution which delivers reductions in cost-per-part by optimising use of raw material, reducing tool travel time, and providing the flexibility to work with a whole spectrum of materials. Learn more about the SigmaNEST software here.

SigmaNEST advanced cutting software

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Dekton is an extremely brittle material which is becoming very popular in the stone industry for kitchen and vanity tops due to the fact that it is scratch, stain, heat and fade resistant. This ultra-hard material is also used for cladding, floor coverings and ventilated facades. 

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