Stone Cutting

With ability to cut-to-size, mitre edges, cut sinks and make tap holes in stone in a single operation, waterjet has established itself as one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for modern benchtop production.

Being a wet process, waterjet reduces WHS issues caused by dust and efficiently cuts the full spectrum of products including reconstituted engineered stone, porcelain, marble and granite.

Stone Cutting

Here's how waterjet will streamline your benchtop production: 

Process for Waterjet Cutting of Stone Benchtops:

Flow Mach 200 Logo   PIVOT PLUS

Flow Mach 200 installed in Stone Fabrication Workshop, NSW

   The Ultimate Stone Fabricator's "Hub"  

   Specifically designed for the stone industry, the Mach 200 Pivot Plus represents the very best in benchtop production technology.
   The Mach 200 Pivot Plus accurately produces high quality benchtops from a full spectrum of materials including porcelain, engineered and natural stone.
   With the ability to cut-to-size, mitre edges, and cut sink and tap holes in a single operation, the Mach 200 Pivot Plus waterjet has established itself as one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for modern benchtop production. 

Advanced Features of the Mach 200 Pivot Plus enhances your benchtop production 

Ultra Pierce Vacuum Assisted Pierce 

One of the most significant challenges for any waterjet machine is to be able to consistently pierce brittle materials without "shelling" or blowing chips from the edge of the pierce point. 
Brittle & laminated materials such as marble, stone, glass & composites tend to form craters, cracks or break during high pressure piercing. UltraPierce’s exclusive no-clog design pulls abrasive into the cutting head a split second before the waterjet starts so that the waterjet has abrasive particles are entrained in the jet stream immediately to deliver a great start to every cut. 
See Ultrapierce in action by clicking here.

Ultrapierce & Vacuum Assist on Pivot Plus Cutting Head



Pivot + Cutting Head 

The Pivot + Waterjet delivers multi-axis, taper compensation cutting for accuracy and flexibility.
Designed by the same engineers who developed Dynamic Waterjet® XD (the world’s premier 5-axis cutting solution), Pivot+ is a robust, compact cutting head that delivers perfect mitres on every cut. Boasting up to 60 degrees of motion and an IP67 rating, Pivot+ is made to withstand daily, rigorous use in harsh environments.
See the Pivot Plus Cutting Head in action by clicking here.

Pivot + Cutting Head


Precision Motion System  

The Mach 200 cuts with remarkable accuracy and speed, driving overall part processing times down and your production up. Industry leading digital ball screw drive system ensures smooth motion across the table for accurate and precise cutting. Big table, fine details – combined with easy to use software for the ideal large format cutting solution. 
  • Linear Straightness accuracy: ±0.095 mm / m 
  • Repeatability: ±0.064 mm 
Cut large slabs & heavy materials with ease on the Mach 200.

Precision Motion System


Smartmap Height Mapping Contour Probe  

As any change in the thickness of the slab is also a change in the clearance of the cutting head from the surface, it is critical to monitor the thickness of the slab for each cut. The Mach 200 is fitted with a SmartMap™ Height probe foot which is used to set the cutting head at the correct operating standoff from the surface. Effectively “mapping out” slabs to be cut, the touch probe identifies discrepancies in the thickness of the slab and automatically adjusts the height of the cutting head to prevent unforeseen outcomes when bevel cutting.
Without the height foot probe, the standoff clearance must be adjusted manually which is another task that the operator must perform before cutting every slab. In addition to providing valuable time savings for the operator, the height foot probe provides assurance that the slab will be cut accurately the first time, every time. See the Smartmap height probe in action by clicking here

Height Foot Mapping Probe


Hyplex Direct Drive Pump 

The Hyplex Prime is an ultra-efficient direct drive pump. Built for years of dependable use in demanding environments, the Hyplex pump has the following benefits: 

  • Maximum cutting performance with low power consumption 
  • Low noise / high output (55,000 psi / 3800 bar) 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Soft starter motor control 
  • Australia-wide back-up & support
For more information on the Hyplex Prime Pump series, click here

Hyplex Prime Direct Drive Pump


Walk Around Controller 

Take your control cconsole with you as you work! 
The Mach 200 has a mobile control console with a 17" screen which give operators the flexibility to move freely about the waterjet as required. 

Flow Mach 200 Walk Around Controller

Flow Waterjet Software - The magic behind the machine

One of the most important considerations when operating any CNC machine is; "How easy is it for the operator to communicate with the machine?" 

Flow Intelligent CAD / CAM / CNC software communicates directly with the Mach 200 and is simplified by an easy step by step procedure which enables the operator to load new drawings and jobs quickly so that operators spend more time cutting—not programing.

Compatible with DXF, DWG, IGS, CDL, AI, HPL, PTH and CAD files, Flow offers a range of software options tailored to specific uses. To view software options, click here

Flow Cutting Software


Abrasive Sludge Removal System 

The Abrasive Sludge Removal System (ASR) effectively eradicates downtime and the tedious work associated with cleaning out your Flow waterjet bath. Removing tonnes of sloppy garnet waste from the tank of your waterjet was once a back-breaking and inconvenient task, but with the ASR, valuable production time is maximised as the garnet removal process is able to be activated during the course of cutting. 

The ASR keeps the water in the bath cleaner and makes the most of your investment by keeping your equipment working at its best at all times. Learn more about how the ASR works and how it will help you increase profits here

ASR Sludge removal system



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