Streamline Pro High Pressure Pump

KMT Streamline Pro 90,000psi Pump - For extremely high output, critical demand applications

Streamline Pro High Pressure Pump

The KMT Streamline PRO series of waterjet pump are the next generation of revolutionary waterjet cutting pumps. The Streamline Pro pumps (60hp and 125hp) are capable of a continuous output of 90,000psi (6,200bar) at 2.8l/min, and offers increased productivity and greater return on investment. 90k psi is ideal for cutting super hard materials such as ceramics, bisalloy, chromium carbide and exotic materials. 


Benefits of the Streamline Pro 90,000 psi Pump

Designed for maximum productivity and profitability, the Streamline Pro combines the lowest cost of running a waterjet pump with leading HP pump technology to deliver the world's fastest water jet cutting speeds. 

  • More pressure = more parts per day
  • Faster cut = lower cost per part
  • Less abrasive = bottom line savings
  • More parts = higher output
  • Higher output = greater profits
  • Improved Edge Quality - Precise cutting, with a narrower water stream and a smaller kerf
  • Cuts thicker materials - Save time and money by cutting through several layers at a time
  • Accelerates abrasive at higher velocity to give operators a faster cut

 KMT Streamline Pro Advantage - Cut more parts per day


Key Features of the Streamline Pro Intensifier Pump

  • Continuous output of 90,000 psi
  • 90,000 psi is produced with just one intensifier, delivering lower maintenance costs, quieter operation with fewer parts
  • Sophisticated touch control panel provides easy operator interface for controlling the pump
  • Remote access to pumps and ability to pair multiple pumps
  • Sensors before and after the water booster pump assure that the flow of water is continual and adequate, which is an important feature to protect your system
  • Switching between high pressure cutting and low pressure piercing of brittle materials
  • Innovative design simplifies and increases the speed of access to seals and wear parts


Continuous Output Pressure 90,000 PSI (6200 bar)
Output Flow 2.8 L/min
Orifice Diametre 0.011"
Intensifier Configuration Single
Motor Power 45 kW
Length 1,981 mm
Width 914 mm
Height 1453 mm
Net Weight 1,010 kg
Operational Weight 1,565 kg



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