Training & Service Technicians

We provide specialist advice from qualified technicians. We're committed to providing waterjet cutters with leading-edge support to keep industry moving forward.

Our Service Technicians

Mark - Sydney Technician    
Tony - VIC Technician   
Michal - QLD Technician    
Matt - TAS Tech   
Paul - Adelaide Tech   
Carl - TAS Tech    
Josh - WA Tech    
Jason - NT Tech    
Jason - NT Tech    
John - QLD Tech    


Technical Support

Access to immediate help and technical support is a basic prerequisite for any machinery operator. Over the years Performance Waterjet has made a substantial investment in tooling up and training technicians. We are here to help!

For prompt response to any questions or technical issues, Performance Waterjet has an experienced customer service team who can be reached by calling our customer service centre from 7:30am to 5:00pm AEST Monday to Friday.

For prompt on site support we have waterjet technicians based in each capital city.

Flow Waterjet machines include “team viewer” enabling our engineers to connect to the CNC software and provide remote analytics & system support. Submit a Support Ticket

The PWJ Customer Support centre can be reached by calling 1300 722 559 from 7:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday AEST.


Response Times (7.30am to 5.00 pm AEST Monday to Friday)

Response to technical questions - Within 60 minutes

Onsite support - Any problems which can’t be resolved by our remote support team will be addressed by our local technician. Onsite attendance within 24 hours. 


Onsite Training 

On completion of new machine commissioning, Performance Waterjet provides a comprehensive training program for the client's nominated operators. The training will cover all aspects of the operation and maintenance of the Flow table, software and equipment.

Mach 100 Training: 2 full days

Mach 200, 300 & 500: 4 full days

Our experienced technicians tailor the training to suit specific needs with the objective to have the operator proficient and confidently managing and producing jobs by the time we leave.


Same day* dispatch for all stocked Waterjet Parts & Consumables 

Waterjet Spare Parts Warehouse

Performance Waterjet maintains a complete stock of parts for the main components of the system for immediate dispatch should the need arise. We dispatch the same day for next weekday delivery to all major cities in Australia and offer a two day parts delivery service to our clients in New Zealand.  

Why waterjet machines should be serviced every 6 months or 500 hours: 

  1.  Maximise profitability
  2.  Increase uptime
  3.  Improve job quality
  4.  Increase operator safety
  5.  Peace of Mind

Why Choose Performance Waterjet to service your Waterjet Machine?

  1.  We have some of the most experienced technicians in the business!
  2.  Fixed price service proposal
  3.  We know what parts you need
  4.  Quality Workmanship / Guaranteed satisfaction
  5.  Full Service report
  6.  Routine Service reminder to ensure optimum performance


“What I like about you guys is your consistency. Parts arrive every time next day and garnet deliveries are always on time!” - Metal Fabricator, Melbourne 

 “The reason why I deal with performance Waterjet is that I can consistently get parts deliveries the next working day.” - Kitchen Manufacturer, Perth 

“If every company ran like yours, life would be much easier. I don’t say that to anyone else ... you are the only supplier that I have said this to.” - Engineering Manager, Hunter Valley NSW