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Collected Testimonials of Performance Waterjet

  • Appreciate your amazing service, we're more than happy with what you do for us!

    Metal Fabricator (Perth, WA)

  • We all agree that your company provides the best service and that you have the best technicians as well!

    Kevin (Stone Processor, QLD)

  • Thanks for your continuous excellent support!

    Glass Processor (Melbourne, VIC)

  • We are happy with the high level of customer service we receive from Performance Waterjet (if only all our suppliers were as good as you guys, our life would be much easier!

    Brad (Director in Sydney, NSW)

  • Very happy with new IDE Cutting Head. We can cut 6mm glass 20% faster and we can cut 10mm 75% faster!!

    Mick (Albury, NSW)

  • I'm very impressed with your customer service. Absolutely no complaints, your follow up is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work - you do it well.

    Peter (Victoria)

  • What I like about you guys is your consistency. Parts arrive every time next day and garnet deliveries always on time!

    Metal Fabricator (Melbourne, VIC)

  • I can't fault Performance Waterjet. Your service for both garnet & parts is absolutely brilliant - love dealing with you people.

    Glass Processor (Sydney, NSW)

  • Your service is brilliant - the way you bend over backwards to help us...just wish our other suppliers were the same!

    Michelle (Adelaide, SA)

  • Greatly appreciate your follow up - nothing is a problem for you guys! Appreciate your help.

    Damien (Adelaide, SA)

  • Performance waterjet part delivery testimonial

    Your service is A1. Could not get parts down the road as quick as we get them from you! TAS to SA in less than a day – AMAZING!

    Glass Processor (Adelaide, SA)

  • A big thank you to you and your team for the speedy turnaround with our orders!

    Showerscreen Manufacturer (Perth, WA)

  • Your service is brilliant! You have saved us thousands of dollars over the years, we would recommend you to anyone.

    Geoff (Melourne, VIC)

  • Performance Waterjet has the best service of any company that I deal with!

    Glass Processor (Perth, WA)

  • Very happy with the way our parts arrive next day & the professional help your company gives us. Couldn't ask for better service.

    Travis (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Thanks for your help, we really appreciate it! Your company always goes the extra mile, which shows you care about our business.

    Corrie (Sydney, NSW)

  • We feel very confident about dealing with your company! Your service is A1 - always ready to help, thanks!

    Laurence (Penrith, NSW)

  • If all our other suppliers did business the way you do my life would be much easier!

    Chris (Sydney, NSW)

  • What I like about you guys is you do what you say - very rare with most of our suppliers. Your service is very prompt, garnet & parts deliveries are excellent!

    Tony (Adelaide, SA)

  • Extremely happy - when it comes to service, you're the best! Your help and follow-up is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Guy (Adelaide, SA)

  • Performance Waterjet's service is brilliant. We appreciate the interest your company has in us & your follow up is much appreciated.

    Alison (Newcastle, NSW)

  • I highly appreciate the level of service we're receiving from you.

    Glass Processor (WA)

  • Matthew Lerm - Stone Effects Silverline Testimonial Photo testimonial

    It’s [the Silverline Waterjet] increased the volume of work we can do and it’s helped with production. We’re able to do a lot more cutting out of sinks and hot plates and window cutouts so our guys on site don’t have to do as much...

    Matthew Lerm, Programmer at Stone Effects, QLD

  • Performance Waterjet's service is brilliant! You have proved to us that you are serious about our business.

    Shari (Sydney, NSW)

  • performance waterjet customer support testimonial

    Your service is brilliant: very friendly staff ready to help anytime!

    Glass Processor (Canberra, ACT)

  • Thankyou for your excellent service, your follow up is much appreciated. It makes my job that much easier when I can rely on suppliers to do the right thing.

    Metal Fabricator (Newcastle, NSW)

  • performance waterjet delivery truck testimonial

    The new waterjet cuts cleaner and quieter and is so much more efficient as well as producing a better cut. We would like to thank you for the promised delivery and installation time, which enabled us to still meet our delivery times to our clients. This was most important.

    Sign Manufacturer (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Thank you very much for getting our parts out as quickly as you guys have, and thanks to everyone over there for the prompt and convenient service we've received. We look forward to dealing with you guys more in the future!

    Metal Fabricator (Melbourne, VIC)

  • Parts must be too good – I haven’t had any major dramas since dealing with you, you’ll always be the first one I contact if I have any problems or questions…

    Metal Fabricator (Adelaide, SA)

  • Your pricing is better and your service exceeds our previous supplier so we will be buying off you from now on!

    Glass Processor ( Brisbane, QLD)

  • sureweld waterjet machine testimonial

    From our initial enquiry of a waterjet machine, (which was only a concept in our minds), to the actual cutting trials and proofs that the machine will be suitable for our production demands, PWJ have proved to be an experienced waterjet cutting specialist.

    Carl Hansen, Sureweld (Wangaratta, VIC)

  • No other supplier would have followed up like you guys have! Thanks very much!

    Glass Processor (Rockhampton, QLD)

  • waterjet cutting steel testimonial

    We would like to express our complete satisfaction with Performance Waterjet, especially with your advice to update the new H20 IDE Cutting Head. Since the changeover, it has been such an improvement with cutting finish, cutting speed, minimal down time and reduced usage of garnet.

    Metal Fabricator (Melbourne, VIC)

  • The [Silverline] machine has increased productivity and efficiency in our workshop by nearly 50%! I would have to say that this very versatile machine is one of our best investments to date.

    Stone Manufacturer (Orange, NSW)

  • Right from the outset you offered us quality replacement spares, at reasonable prices and delivered quickly. Your staff have always offered us attentive and very professional advice... The fact that you maintain comprehensive spare parts and an overnight capability means I have all my parts delivered quickly and no longer have to hold any spares...

    Glass Processor (Perth, WA)

  • Installed silverline waterjet system testimonial

    The new Silverline waterjet cuts almost twice as fast as the existing waterjet... Knowing that we can obtain virtually any part by the next morning also gives us the peace of mind that we can depend on Performance Waterjet and the equipment we have purchased.

    Adelaide Marble & Granite (Adelaide, SA)

  • It's very reassuring to know there is a supplier as committed to their clients as Performance Waterjet has been to us. Especially when they have such an extensive range and ability to ship parts quickly.

    GMA Garnet User (Greater Sydney Region, NSW)

  • Thank you for your follow up, nothing's ever a problem for you people! Your delightful, friendly service is much appreciated by us all here. Thank you!

    Lily (Canberra, ACT)

  • Every year we sit down and analyze what equipment delivers best for our requirements and we conclude every year that our waterjet is the best investment we ever made.

    Marble & Granite Processor (Melbourne, VIC)

  • The communication and support from your staff has been exceptional and we look forward to continuing this great working relationship...Waterjets are the lifeblood of our operation and the great deal offered to us by PWJ was one we could not afford to overlook, thanks again for the opportunity to improve our capabilities and productivity.

    Glass Processor (QLD)

  • Appreciate the effort and quick response from you and your team!

    Glass Processor (Perth, WA)

  • cut steel from waterjet machine testimonial

    The next machine I will buy will be from PWJ...because they have parts, service, support and knowledge - I don't know of any other supplier who has all of that!

    Chris (VIC)

  • ...very impressed with the service of you guys. You diligently followed-up our delayed parts (though no fault of your own) until they were delivered to us.

    Michael (Albury, NSW)

  • Thanks for following up our parts delivery, your service is extremely good & your lollies are the most popular thing in the factory!

    Brett (Brisbane, QLD)

  • You guys are really, really good at customer service! Thank You!!

    Lea (Perth, WA)

  • I cannot fault your service. Your turn-around time to get our goods to us is excellent. Thank you very much for your follow up.

    David (Griffith NSW)

  • Stacey Cassels - MPI Stone testimonial

    Performance Waterjet have been very helpful with their support and maintenance of the machine. Highly recommended!

    Stacey Cassels, MPI Stone (Albury, NSW)

  • Your company is very efficient. We greatly value the service you offer us - thank you!

    Kathryn (Sydney NSW)

  • The reason I deal with your business is because of your brilliant service.

    Steve, Sunshine Coast (QLD)

  • Thanks for following up our deliveries. You will always have problems with freight no matter what you do, but the big difference between your company and our other suppliers is you care about our business.

    Chris (Singleton, NSW)

  • Your service is excellent. You would have to be one of the few suppliers we don't have to chase up for our deliveries.

    George (Melbourne, VIC)

  • We love the professional way of your company and your friendly service. Deliveries are always on time, thank you.


  • From the start we found Performance Waterjet to be a highly professional team of people who have made the experience of upgrading our old waterjet a seamless process...since the new Silverline system has been installed, we have found that the waterjet cuts glass almost twice as fast as the old table so the old table is now surplus to our requirements!

    Glass Processor (Perth, WA)

  • Always good to do business with Performance Waterjet.

    Harvey (Brisbane, QLD)

  • "We recently changed the cutting head (to an IDE III) and the machine has been a lot more reliable since this change so thanks!"

    Chris (Brisbane, QLD)

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