Triline High Pressure Pump

KMT Triline Direct Drive Pump - 55,000psi high performance, energy efficient pump

Triline High Pressure Pump

The Triline is a direct-drive pump that is ideal for operators who have a focus on energy efficiency. With a small carbon footprint and it's ability to deliver high efficiency during continuous operation, the KMT Triline is ideal for light duty applications. 

The Triline features long-life cartridge seals, variable pressure adjustment, and the choice to purchase as a skid or fully-enclosed unit. The unique PCV Valve enables complete control of the pressure output for low pressure piercing of brittle materials. 


Key Features of the Triline Direct Drive Pump: 

  • High pressure water is efficiently generated through crankcase and plungers
  • Electrical control panel with relay-based control system for remote pressure control
  • Patented PCV valve operates multiple independent cutting heads
  • PCV softstarter reduces motor current on startup
  • Simple preventative maintenance performed every 500 hours
  • Long life components ensures consistency, performance & reliability
  • Maximum continuous operating pressure of 55,000 psi


Nominal Pump Speed 30HP (22 kw)
Maximum Continuous Pressure  55,000 psi (3,792 bar)
Water Volume 3.10 lpm
Sound Level Range 84-86 dBA
Length 1041mm
Width 1092mm
Height 1270mm
Weight 510kg


Key Benefits of the Triline Pump: 

  • Highly efficient
  • Simple design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Modular design
  • Simple troubleshooting


Components of the Triline

KMT Triline Direct Drive Pump Components