Waterjet Garnet. 100% Australian.

GMA Garnet™ is the world's best waterjet garnet. It is the best quality, offering unmatched consistency and hardness to give operators the fastest waterjet cutting speeds.

Waterjet Garnet. 100% Australian.
  • Production without downtime

  • Greater productivity

  • Greater efficiency

  • Direct cost savings

Guaranteed to be 100% consistent

GMA Garnet™ is guaranteed to be 100% consistent. You can rely on the fact that your waterjet nozzle will not block due to too large waterjet garnet particles. Every kilogram of waterjet garnet will deliver the best cutting speeds as all the under size garnet grains are removed. Waterjet operators worldwide who are serious about waterjet cutting use GMA Waterjet Garnet, simply because it’s the best.

The most efficient abrasive for waterjet cutting available

GMA Garnet™ is one of the world’s most efficient waterjet abrasives in terms of cutting speed, abrasive consumption and uninterrupted cutting. GMA garnet grains are amongst the hardest and toughest minerals known today. This material has been weathered and eroded over thousands of years!

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Durable grains which deliver outstanding performance

The geological formation of the GMA Garnet deposit has resulted in a unique concentration of extremely durable grains which deliver outstanding performance in waterjet cutting applications. GMA waterjet garnet is passed through extensive processing to ensure the highest purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains. Careful screening ensures there is no dust or ineffective garnet grains and no oversize particles to block focusing tubes.

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GMA Garnet delivers optimum efficiency and the lowest production costs

A steady flow of garnet to the focussing tube with no blockages allows uninterrupted production, resulting in optimum efficiency and lowest production costs. Stringent quality control at every stage of processing ensures the consistent high standard of waterjet abrasive that you would expect from the world’s leading supplier of waterjet abrasive. GMA Garnet consists of totally natural Almandite garnet known for its superior hardness and abrasive ability. GMA Garnet, mined and processed in Australia, is free of any heavy metals or toxic compounds and meets all Workplace Health and Safety regulations. GMA Garnet provides a perfect balance of grain shape (sub angular) size and density and is extensively used in all renowned waterjet cutting operations worldwide. 

GMA Garnet is extensively used in all renowned waterjet cutting machines the world over. Key benefits reported by GMA Waterjet users include:
     ●  Production without downtime
     ●  Greater productivity
     ●  Greater efficiency
     ●  Direct cost savings

  Grade Focusing Tube Orifice
High Speed Cutting 80 mesh
300 - 150 micron
High Precision Edge 80 mesh
300 - 150 micron
120 mesh
200 - 100 micron
Super Fine Precision Edge  120 mesh
200 - 100 micron



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