Huge savings on your waterjet cutting costs when using an IDE III Cutting Head

1. Use less garnet than you do now
2. Get longer life from your focusing tubes
3. Cut the same jobs in less time
4. Get a cleaner, squarer cut on every job without reducing speed
5. Reduce time spent maintaining equipment
Here's what Ian Harry from Edge Workshop in Perth (WA) recently told us: 
"The H20 IDE Cutting head is the best by far.
1. The diamond lasts longer than any other that I have used. 
2. The setting is more accurate, while requiring no adjustment from myself. 
3. The perfect stream means that I can cut back on the amount of garnet required to maintain cut quality. This results in huge running cost savings
4. Focusing tubes (Flow style 4 inch) last well beyond their expected life. I change them at 80 hours when the kerf is always below 0.85mm 
"Having been in this business for over 13 years, I must have tried at least 6 or 8 different cutting heads. I have always run a 10/30 setup. I also must say that I run at a slightly reduced pressure (47,500 PSI). I have always used 120 grit GMA Garnet." 
"I ran one H20 IDE head to see how far it would go while carefully watching the characteristics of the flow. The head lasted over 3200 hours. Great product."  

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  IDE ComparisonIf you were to ask ... What would be the single most important thing that you could do to maximise cutting speed, quality of cut, and the overall efficiency of your cutting operations? 

Take a close look at the quality of the stream of water coming from your focusing tube! 

Most likely you may find it difficult to actually see whether the quality is good or otherwise... however this is the critical factor that governs the whole efficiency of your system!!

Performance Waterjet has installed IDE cutting heads on all makes of waterjet machine for over 10 years. We guarantee that the IDE cutting head will save your business money from day one.



100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back!

If after installing and using the IDE cutting head for 2 weeks you aren't delighted with your waterjet's improved performance, the cutting head can be returned for a FULL REFUND. 





The H20JET Integral Diamond Eductor (IDE) consistently demonstrates superior performance and reduced cost when compared with other styles of cutting heads. Every IDE III Cutting Head has a factory aligned diamond orifice which is precisely focussed so that the water stream fires right down the centre of the focusing tube.

Dead on alignment of the water stream ensures maximum energy is delivered to the workpiece and results in a faster cutting speed with less garnet per linear metre of cut.

Here's why:

  • Cutting Speed: Water stream deflection off the inside of the focusing tube causes loss of cutting energy.
  • Edge Quality: Deflection of the water stream off the inside of the focusing tube also interrupts the laminar flow of the water stream and causes a ragged edge on your cut. For a smooth, consistent edge you must have a sharp, coherent stream of water.
  • Focusing Tube Life: Misalignment of the water jet also causes premature wear on the inside of the focusing tube... and increases your operating costs.


Focussing Tube Wear:

Focussing Tube Wear Img


What Others Say...

“It cuts better, faster and more accurately; delivers a better edge finish and is also maintenance and trouble free!” - Dardi Operator, Gold Coast

“Our tips are lasting longer, the edge is sharper and we are definitely cutting quicker!” - Waterjet Operator, Canberra

In response to upgrading to a H20 IDE III cutting head assembly and Feedline precision, a waterjet operator said: "We are extremely happy with the speed of cutting and the improvement of edge quality. We are cutting 3mm PVC sheet at 4000mm per minute, which we have never ever done before – and we could cut it quicker but the software won’t let us!! I’ve cut more in the last two months than I have the first ten months...Now we don’t have to use any manual labour, we can’t keep the work up to the machine."  - Metal Fabricator, Tasmania

"It cuts twice as fast as our old head... [the cut is] half the thickness and we are no longer sandblasting the surface around the cut."  - Metal Fabricator, Victoria

"Since the changeover, it has been such an improvement with cutting finish, cutting speed, minimal down time and reduced usage of garnet. We reckon it’s great!" - Metal Fabricator, Melbourne



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